ISOMED PHARMA is a Spanish pharmaceutical company, leader in the production, marketing and analysis of Breath Test.

Established in 1993, we are specialized in non-radioactive stable isotopes medical applications, being an early pioneer in the research and development of new breath test methods.

Our company is structured in 3 different divisions, each one specifically sized to cover the needs of our customers.

ISOMED PHARMA currently distributes its products in different countries worldwide, expanding year after year this internationalization.



ISOMED PHARMA is a Spanish pharmaceutical company Established in 1993. Over more than 20 years ISOMED PHARMA has been specialized in the medical application of new diagnostic methods based on the collection of the breath of patients to then analyze and evaluate different pathologies.

In 2011 we created the three divisions that make ISOMED PHARMA, aiming to cover all the needs of our customers. Thus we find:

  • iBREATH: Division in charge of manufacturing and distribution of breath tests.
  • iLAB: Division which covers a very important part of ISOMED PHARMA: Analysis Service. It analyzes all our breath testing equipment specifically designed for the analysis of different Breath Test.
  • iTECH: Division giving technical support teams that are part of our Analysis Service. In addition, this division has great weight in our International Division..



ISOMED PHARMA works in identifying demands and trends of the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Therefore, our development strategy focuses on:

  • Innovation. It’s the key factor in our business strategy. We are truly convinced that our contribution to healthcare, through new and efficient solutions, provides a great added value to all concerned stakeholders.
  • Specialization. ISOMED PHARMA has a high degree of expertise in the areas of Gastroenterology, Metabolism and Nutrition, mainly in diagnosis. We strive to achieve a leadership position in these areas, providing at all times appropriate and innovative solutions.
  • Internationalization. Since its inception, ISOMED PHARMA placed emphasis on international markets. Hence, export activity of our company is highly vocational.

For Spanish local market, ISOMED PHARMA could be a strategic partner for companies focused on gastroenterology or/and companies willing to distribute their products within Spain.

Internationally, ISOMED PHARMA can provide expertise in products used for breath tests and implementation of clinical analysis laboratories.


Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad (SGC)

We strongly believe in strategic partnerships (through distribution or licensing agreements).


Quality Management System (QMS)

ISOMED PHARMA’s strategic decision was to establish a Quality Management System (QMS) under principles and guidelines contained in ISO9000 and ISO9004 regulations. ISOMED PHARMA is now certified UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.

The QMS has been developed through a process-based approach, implementing continuous improvement in order to increase customers’ satisfaction, by meeting basic needs and anticipating future needs that have not been expressed, not even expected.

This approach allows us to identify each of the processes and sub-processes taking place within ISOMED PHARMA in order to understand and meet customers’ requirements, statutory and regulatory requirements for the products commercialized or the organization itself. Processes are considered concrete added-values as there is always an evaluation of performance outcomes and effectiveness, and continuous improvement based on monitoring specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited objectives.

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