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Gastroenterology Specialists

We are focused on responding to the needs of our healthcare professionals and patients by taking care of the microbiota and digestive health.
We are the leading pharmaceutical company in diagnostic tests with exhaled air in Spain.


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Isomed Pharma offers you products of the highest quality and reliability manufactured in Spain. Whether you are a health professional or an individual, find the product that fits your needs. Ask whatever you want, we will advise you.

Functional tests

At Isomed Pharma we were pioneers in the medical application of non-radioactive stable isotopes and in the development of new diagnostic methods using exhaled air. Our breath tests offer maximum sensitivity and specificity, being considered the reference test for various gastrointestinal pathologies. We inform you about its advantages.

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In our plant in Las Rozas (Madrid) we have equipment for the production of numerous product presentations and typologies, with different batch sizes. In addition, we offer regulatory and product design advice. We adapt to the needs of your company, contact us.

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